GRANVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A community foundation in the Washington County community of Granville is raising money for grants to businesses in “sate valley.” As of January, the foundation hit its first million dollars raised. Now, it’s getting closer to the next million, at an even faster rate, thanks to some help from a neighbor.

On Friday, the Granville Community Foundation announced the receipt of $103,000 from Telescope Casual Furniture, a local business that already donated $100,000 to the cause last year. Last year’s donation was part of a celebration of 100 years in Granville. This year’s is a celebration of the future.

“Telescope has given so much to Granville over the past 100 years, said Granville Community Foundation Board of Advisors Chair Michael Freed. “Not only have they manufactured great products, made in Granville, that are known everywhere but they’ve also done this while creating local jobs and donating their time, talent and treasure to make Granville a better community. We’re very grateful for this latest example of their ongoing generosity and certainly motivated by their passion for investing in the future of Granville.”

The organization uses the money to create financial opportunities that go to more than just Granville businesses. Grants are also being created for areas including community development, education, art and cultural development and health and social needs. The organization hopes to raise $5 million for the Granville region by the end of the current decade. Its first round of grants went out earlier this year, in one of two grant cycles planned for 2022.