GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Friday, the city of Glens Falls announced that residents will be able to review the city’s annual MS4 wastewater treatment plan. Public comment will be open for anyone who has input to provide on the state of stormwater and the sewer lines that direct it safely throughout the city of Glens Falls.

The city’s stormwater management plan is available on the city website. The new MS4 will join it there on May 2. The purpose of the MS4 is to provide an update on the city’s forward movement on the goals lined out in that plan.

The plan’s 2022 draft outlines steps that the city plans to take or is already taking in improving stormwater sewer management. The plan includes public education, outreach and involvement; plans for detecting and controlling areas of stormwater discharge and runoff into city streets or properties; managing stormwater affected by construction; and preventing pollution related to stormwater.

Parts of the plan focus on identifying areas where stormwater discharge enters water bodies, and what can be done to halt the issues that said discharge can cause. Waterbodies affected by stormwater runoff include the Hudson River, Feeder Canal, and Halfway Brook.

Public comment can be submitted to the city of Glens Falls through the city website; by email at; or by phone at (518) 761-3850, ext. 118. Written comment can be provided by mail sent to the city Waste Water Treatment Plant, Att: S. Mender, 2 Shermantown Road, Glens Falls, NY 12801.