GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The forecast has it – proper snow hit over the last weekend, and more is on the way starting Thursday evening and moving into Friday. The city of Glens Falls is declaring “Full Winter Mode,” and is ready for whatever the sky wants to send down.

“We continue to monitor the latest changes in the forecast provided by the National Weather Service in Albany as well as all the local media outlets,” said City of Glens Falls DPW Superintendent Tom Girard.

As the city engages “Winter Mode,” Glens Falls residents are asked to take some precautions in order to ensure the city can plow the streets safely. Glens Falls residents are asked to remove any sporting equipment from the street, ensuring that hanging objects like basketball hoops don’t hang over the curb. Additionally, lawn bags should be placed between the curb and sidewalk.

The city also made a request for plow drivers working for their own snow removal service outside of city or county operations. When plowing parking lots and driveways, plow operators are asked to not push the snow to the opposite side of a street, which can create more work for city plows – as well as more hazardous road conditions for residents to have places to be on a snowy day.

“As always, please make sure to shovel your sidewalks and dig out around the fire hydrants,” said Glens Falls Fire Chief James Schrammel. “That really helps our firefighters and is a great help if we are needed in an emergency. We’re also asking our residents to be aware when parking in the street, even if only for a short period of time, so the progress of emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment is not impeded. Many of our city streets are narrow, which is made worse when snowbanks are present.”

Around the city, Warren County at large is getting ready for some snow as well. County spokesman Don Lehman said that the DPW would have 100 miles of county-managed roads brined before the storm, stopping ice from forming on pavement. Additionally, the county is preparing to introduce an additional brine vehicle to its repertoire.