GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Glens Falls Police Department is investigating a series of crimes by a group of juvenile offenders that took place last week. In a release posted this week, the department said that subjects responsible for the crimes had been identified. The crimes were not described in detail.

“Currently, officers are in the process of making arrests in the incidents, but the court process with juveniles is much different from those involving adults,” the department said. “Most juvenile cases are filed through Family Court, which changes the on-the-scene handling of incidents and situations. We assure you that the Police Department is aware of the many incidents that have taken place in the recent week, and that they are being handled.”

The department does not plan to release any names involved, due to those involved being minors. Details including the status of cases or arrests will not be made public either. Anyone with information regarding the cases is asked to reach out to the department at (518) 761-3840.