GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Tuesday night, the Glens Falls City Planning Board gave the OK to the most recent draft of a vision for South Street fueled by Downtown Revitalization Initiative Funding. The board gave approval for Bonacio Construct and Spring City Development Group to get started on not just the long-sought-after new pavilion for the Glens Falls Farmer’s Market, but also for a 68-unit housing complex added to the project over the summer.

Jeff Flagg, Glens Falls Economic Development Director, came before the board alongside architects responsible for the design of the project, which is set to take place across two phases. Phase 1 is the farmer’s market space.

Devon Telberg spoke representing Envision Architects, the design team behind the market. Telberg said the market center’s curved-oval design is oriented to maximize pedestrian access. The shape was designed with farmers market association feedback in order to promote a sense of inviting curiosity to those coming to visit.

Internally, the structure would feature an outer ring of 22 vendor spots, with more in the middle. In the summer, outdoor vendors could set up along the building perimeter.

Phase 2 would consist of the construction of a new apartment and business housing building, starting at 31 South St. and wrapping around Elm Street. It would partially take up the space currently occupied by the farmer’s market, as well as parking.

Ample parking at the farmer’s market was a vocalized concern when the plan’s current draft was shown to the public over the summer, and during Tuesday night’s presentation, those questions came from the planning board – especially regarding how easily vendors can get their produce, meats and other goods to the building.

Flagg explained that the entire surface under and surrounding the farmer’s market pavilion is designed to be driven on. Vendors will be able to pull up to its entrances from one of several sides (accommodated further by its non-rectangular shape) to offload their goods. The current South Street marketplace sees many vendors pull up a truckbed or other vehicle to the edge of the outdoor pavilion in order to sell to the public.

The city planning board approved a negative declaration, which means that it has found no adverse effects on the city environment generated by the project. Acting as the lead agency for state-required environmental review, it will be the board itself that reviews the environmental impact of the project as it progresses.