GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Have you ever sat down for lunch or dinner with friends and family, and felt like something was missing? If so, a new tavern in downtown Glens Falls has about 600 solutions.

Go Play with Your Food opened at 126 Glen St. last Thursday, offering fresh food and fun for families. Locals have come in with enthusiasm to try out new games or favorites – as classic as Monopoly or as new-age as Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

“We’ve seen a lot of people come in and want to stick with the stuff they know,” said co-owner Kristen Shaw. “If you want to try something new, we can always recommend gateway games.”

For the Shaw family, those games include Splendor, where players act as Renaissance-era merchants vying to accumulate trade routes and resources; as well as King of Tokyo, a game of skills between giant monsters, robots, and other characters competing to see who can level a city first.

Go Play with Your Food offers its collection of board games alongside a case of packs from card games like “Pokemon” and “My Hero Academia.” Ample table space was busy on Monday night, when Shaw said a group of 20 came in to play. That kind of support has come fast, via word-of-mouth.

The tavern was born out of time the Shaw family – including StoredTech CEO Mark Shaw – spent in North Carolina during quarantine in 2020. The family was exposed to the modern world of board games – a world that still makes space for recognizable names like “Monopoly,” but includes hundreds of new games that can run as short as 20 minutes or as long as multiple nights.

The road to opening has involved some red tape, as the Shaw family gets used to a part of the business world completely new to them – one with a downtown storefront. A changing Glen Street doesn’t have much else like Play with Your Food – and the owners know it.

“During the day, not everything is open downtown – we are, so come here. We’re not trying to compete with fancier restaurants. We want to offer something else from what’s down here,” said Shaw.

Tables are $10 per table per day, not including food and drink costs. Go Play with Your Food is open daily starting at 3 p.m.