GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The city of Glens Falls is getting some sewer work done this week. As snowfall slows traffic on Tuesday, a contractor is busy at work on some trafficked city roads in Ward 3, which includes Crandall Park and parts of Sanford Street and upper Glen Street.

Running from Monday, March 13, to Friday, March 17, sewer cleaning and inspection will run on Webster Avenue, starting at its intersection with Edison Road and running as far as Bay Road. The work is expected to wrap up by 4 p.m. Friday.

“Sewer cleaning is performed with a high-pressure, high-volume water jetting machine,” said Bill Norton, Superintendent of the Glens Falls Water and Sewer Department. “And, to prevent the slight possibility of water being forced out of the pipes as the result of air pressure through the lines, please keep all toilet lids closed when crews are working on Webster Avenue.”

That’s one of several bits of advice from the department. Norton also advises home and business residents in the affected area to drape a towel or other absorbent material over the rim of the toilet, closing the lid onto the tower. Basement floor drains, kitchen sinks and shower drains should be covered with old towels and weighted objects. Drains should be closed in all sinks and bathtubs.

One unfortunate truth is that sewer work stinks. Odors can come from sewer connections in some buildings, and can be minimized by pouring gallons of water down plumbing fixtures and basement floor drains, as well as opening windows to let air ventilate.

Any residents with questions are encouraged to speak with the crews onsite. When doing so, residents should provide an address and contact number.