GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Glens Falls Bagels has spent its first few months of business on South Street in downtown Glens Falls. After growing a base and getting vocal with ambitions for the shop, owner Kerry Smith has announced that the bagelry will now be moving across the Hudson River.

Glens Falls Bagels is now set to move into a space at the Hannaford Plaza on Saratoga Avenue in South Glens Falls. Smith announced on the business’ Facebook page that Sunday would be his last day in Glens Falls.

“I was so nervous, but I had to say something,” said Smith, a Brooklyn native and the former owner of the Glenmore Lodge on Glen Lake. “It’s been nothing but overwhelming support from everyone.”

Glens Falls Bagels opened last November, as a hopeful beacon for South Street. Smith moved into a former bar space across the street from the future home of the Glens Falls Farmer’s Market, currently a vacant lot. Smith had been set to move into an adjacent spot in the same block-wide building, which came under new ownership earlier this year, but eventually turned to South Glens Falls for what he sees as a new opportunity.

The new home of Glens Falls Bagels boasts three times the space of the current location at 58 South St., where Smith and a small staff have operated out a tiny kitchen and sold bagels to go. Now, he hopes to offer more seating, and make use of the plaza’s large parking lot.

The space has one other benefit. A scroll through Glens Falls Bagels’ Facebook page will reveal several posts where Smith declares bagels sold out for the day. The new location still needs a stove, freezer, and more refridgeration – but once it has those things, it will have enough storage space to up bagel production to match.

Smith says he’s hoping to open at the South Glens Falls Hannaford plaza by June 1. New plans are in the works for the former bar he’s occupied for six months, but he hopes that the Glens Falls Bagels name can return home at some point – with some help from somebody willing to franchise.

“It is what it is. I wanted to saty here, I didn’t want to not be here, and I’m going to miss being here,” Smith said. “I’m profoundly grateful for the support we’ve gotten. There is uncertainty, of course, but I feel charged up about this.”