WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Charities. Schools. Food pantries. Child care. These are just a few things that a new Warren County project can help you access.

The county’s probation and public defender’s office have plotted out an interactive Google map that lists out the locations of substance abuse centers, doctors and medical centers, charities, schools, law enforcement, counselors, food pantries and child care locations, both in and around county lines. Whatever a person needs, they can find the place to get it closest to them, complete with street address and contact info.

Both departments that had a hand in creating the resource do a lot of work with residents who often need help finding the right doctor, school, or food pantry. It’s not just about showing people where they can go; it’s about letting people learn for themselves.

“We have found that a lot of people don’t know about the resources that are out there, that there are many they may not be familiar with,” said Amy Secor, Warren County Probation Department Probation Supervisor, and one of the project’s creators. “We want to give the public easy access to see what help is out there, kind of a one-stop shop that they can access on a computer or phone.”

The result is a mass of dozens of icons covering Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George and a northwest path up through Warrensburg and North Creek. Washington, Saratoga and Albany counties get plenty as well, acknowledging the amount of travel that takes place between parts of the Capital Region and North Country.

Naturally, the majority of the services listed are in Warren County itself, but not all. Some services in one part of the state are linked with those in others; and someone living in one county could always move to another.

The map is designed to accommodate that, listing some resources as far north as Behavioral Health Services North in Plattsburgh, and Rose Hill Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program in Messena; and as far south as Fidelis Care on Long Island. Pennsylvania even gets a location on the map; specifically, White Deer Run Treatment Network in Philipsburg.

“Whether you’re in need of services or not, this resource map can help anyone at one point or another,” said Warren County Public Defender Case Manager Dillon Swertner. “With the ability to filter the results, you really can use this resource to help find specific services for an array of things such as housing, food and transportation, just to name a few. By cutting down the time it normally takes to search for individual services, we are giving the community the opportunity to access that same information quicker.”