GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Back in the day, 62 South St. was the home of one of the best slices in town. Since Irish Pizza closed there in 2017, the spot has been vacant, waiting for someone new to bring flavor to another empty storefront on a street in need of new life.

That time has come. On Friday, a new crew will open the doors at 62 South for the first time under a new name. On Thursday, Taco Kings Jalisco wasn’t open yet – but the meat was being sliced, burners on, and flavors already coming to life.

“We are cooking and tasting the food, so if something needs another seasoning, we give it another seasoning,” said owner Juan Ramirez. “We always want to taste better.”

With a name invoking the oceanside state of Jalisco, Mexico, the taco kings are cooking up exactly what you would expect. The three-board menu boasts fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. They’ve got carne asada, churros, and tres leches to round out the roster of authentic Mexican flavor.

Ramirez, a Saratoga Springs local, has been working in kitchens for between 12 and 14 years, with Taco Kings Jalico as his first venture as an owner. The staff are family and friends of his who share the same passion for serving good food. Their space is a narrow, bar-style venue that once had a single row of countertop seating during its time as a pizzeria. The small stature is right in line with the quick, fresh service Ramirez plans to provide.

“I want a burrito, I want a quesadilla, I want tacos – food going fast. Food that people can come it, and it takes four minutes, five minutes,” he said. “It’s small plates, and better like that because if it’s big, if it has to be a whole dinner. If it’s small, it can be fast.”

Ramirez and his staff open at 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 20, ahead of their next-door neighbor, the Golden Monkey Lounge. Both are making their official start on the Street of Dreams as the city of Glens Falls breaks ground on a new farmers market and event space powered by a jolt of state funding from back in 2017.

Taco Kings Jalico will open as part of an effort to bring new business and new attention to Glens Falls’ South Street. When the Golden Monkey opens, patrons can get a cocktail in one spot, and a taco right next door. Ramirez is excited at the chance to do the same.

“I see other people opening, and it’s exciting. Maybe more people coming. I hope so.”