GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you’re looking for a sweet treat to take to your St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday night, there’s a new game in town – but you’ll have to wait a year. Around midday Friday, Taylor Suprenant announced that she was completely sold out of green cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods at her new enterprise, Flour Child. It’s been more or less like that for the mere six weeks she’s been open on Glen Street.

“We did chocolate mint, pistachio – everything was green,” said Suprenant, standing in a bakery devoid of anything left to sell on Friday. “We have been so busy, and selling out today was so great. We’ve been selling out a lot.”

flour child kiss me im irish
A “Kiss Me, I’m Irish-ish” cookie from Flour Child in Glens Falls, N.Y. (Photo: Taylor Suprenant/Facebook)

You’ll know Flour Child from a distance, with a bright logo decal shining in the window of the business, located in the same block as Kru Coffee and the future Play with your Food board game tavern. Located at 128 Glen St., she’s right across the street from Burger King, and neighbors with the Park Theater and Cool Insuring Arena – the latter of which is hosting a state boys basketball championship this weekend.

Above that window, a “Grand Opening” banner hangs over the wooden sign for Abby’s Cookie Jar, the previous bakery to call the storefront home. Former owners Ashley and Andrew Kopf closed the bakery in January, after three years of cookies, cakes and more, largely catered to parties and events. Suprenant got more than the keys in the transition – she was previously one of the faces behind the counter at Abby’s.

“I’ve never been a boss before. I’ve never been in charge of people, or really in charge of anything, so it was crazy – really different,” she said. “As an employee, it’s just do what you’re told, but now I’m the one making all those decisions.”

Now, Suprenant is in charge of three other employees, as her new bakery makes cinnamon rolls, cakes, macarons, and more for a customer base that’s been thrilled to have her. Remnants of Abby’s Cookie Jar remain inside the property, from counter space and tables to a wall mural painted by artist Hannah Williams, depicting downtown Glens Falls. Williams, whose work can be found all around Glens Falls (inside and out), returned to the mural when the bakery changed hands, painting the Flour Child logo into place.

Suprenant is part of a genuine “new class” in downtown Glens Falls. The board game cafe developing next door is just one of her peers in blossoming new business, joined by others like Mint, which opened last year on Warren Street – and multiple new faces on South Street. One of those faces – Kerry Smith of Glens Falls Bagels – showed up at Suprenant’s doorstep on Friday to show off a St. Patrick’s Day creation of his own.

“I was taking a picture because (Ridge Street-based Whisper Boutique) had dropped off this shirt,” Suprenant explained, sporting a custom St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt with the slogan “Too cute to pinch.” “We were by the window taking a picture, and Kerry pulls in out front and comes running in, and he’s like, ‘I want in, I want in!’ He pulls these bagels out of a bag – he had made green bagels. It’s fun, we try to all go into each others’ businesses all the time.”

flour child glens falls bagels
Glens Falls Bagels owner Kerry Smith poses with a green bagel alongside Taylor Suprenant inside her bakery, Flour Child, which opened last month in Glens Falls, N.Y. (Photo: Taylor Suprenant/Facebook)

Flour Child’s menu is robust enough that the bakery is looking to keep the momentum going on everything they make before adding anything new to the roster. Open every day but Monday, the business was ready to jump right back into baking another batch of goodies. That line of thinking is exactly what Suprenant calls a secret to any good cookie or cake.

“Consistency is a big thing. You have to be spot-on with it every time, do it the same way. Also, making it all fresh every day.”