GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you were in downtown Glens Falls on Wednesday morning, you may have noticed two women outside a local florist-branded van, bearing flowers. This year, an annual tradition encompasses a somewhat smaller scale than in years past – but each flower, and each smile, still packs its own power.

Binley Florist & Garden Center came out on Wednesday morning for its annual “Petal it Forward” celebration. Here’s how it works: An employee grabs a pair of bouquets out of the Binley van and brings them to a local recipient. One is for that business to keep, and the other must be passed along – to keep the positive energy moving.

“It’s a scientific fact that when people receive flowers, it makes them smile,” said Binley Florist General Manager Tami Field, who stood on Glen Street with another employee on Wednesday morning to get the gifts going. “It doesn’t matter how bad of a day they’re having.”

Field had around 250 bouquets queued up for the gifting on Wednesday morning. Those flowers are among hundreds of thousands more being enlisted across the country for Petal it Forward – a national campaign for good, of which Binley is just one of many participating florists.

The flowers aren’t just for businesses, either. Field’s spot on Glen Street was chosen in the hopes that some potential flower recipients would come to her. While speaking with NEWS10, she stopped to hand a pair of bouquets to a passerby, whose reaction was one that’s been commonplace in the nine years that Binley has been handing out flowers: Confusion, followed by a smile.

“I think it’s very positive,” said Field. “People love it. They look for it, and then they’ll post on Facebook, ‘Look! I have one of your bouquets.'”

Over the course of Wednesday, the plan was to give out flowers around Glens Falls in Queensbury. later in the day, the do-gooders planned to visit area schools and give them the same gift.

Part of the trick to Petal it Forward is spreading the joy somewhere new every year. Field recalls an era where that didn’t happen as much, with Binley staff visiting similar community spots year after year. Now, it’s not until they pull up that they decide where to go. The flowers are selected to create a bouquet that will last longer than a cluster of roses – so no matter where they go, they can be enjoyed.

The Binley van would remain outside until that first batch of flowers gets entirely given out to unsuspecting residents. Petal It Forward is celebrated by over 570 businesses nationwide.