FORT ANN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Sunday night, rescue squad members from the Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Company traveled up County Route 4 to the area of Lock 11 on the Champlain Canal, near Comstock. They made the trip to perform a rescue – but not the two-legged kind.

On Sunday, a couple had brought a newly-adopted shelter dog named Apollo for a trip to the canal. While there, Apollo slipped loose of his harness and fell into the water. Instead of swimming back to shore on the side where his owners waited, the dog swam to an island on the other side of the water.

“I have dogs, myself,” said fire department Assistant Chief Kevin Lovely, who responded at the scene. “If something happened to them, I know I would be going crazy.”

The Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Company arrived, along with mutual aid from West Fort Ann. Floodlights were set up to see the island, and Apollo, better as night settled in.

fort ann dog rescue 2
Floodlights are used to better light the way to a dog being rescued from an island on the Champlain Canal in Fort Ann, N.Y. (Photo: Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Company)

The mutual aid company brought a small boat, which a responder used to travel across to the island. Once reached, Apollo was calm, and entered the boat without much hesitation. Lovely said that in a case where a dog had been more resistant, it would then be up to the responder to gain its trust through verbal and physical actions.

In this case, Apollo came home to his recent owners with ease. It was a unique rescue for the department – not just because of what it was they were rescuing.

“We were glad it was a good outcome,” said Lovely. “A lot of calls we go through don’t get good outcomes, but in this case, he’s home with his family.”