GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Over the weekend, the city of Glens Falls saw water turning the wrong color. On Tuesday, city staff said improvements had been reported in places where discolored water was being found as early as the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 16.

Discolored water can come from water systems under high stress. The city Water and Sewer Department says that discolored water poses no threat to human health, and results from mineral deposits discoloring water as the flow intensifies.

This week, the city is cracking the pavement open along downtown Glen Street to handle a sewer main break. The city says that the break is unrelated to the discolored water, and the contents of the sewer system are not a threat to the city’s potable water.

Anyone who experiences discolored water can reach out to the Water and Sewer Department hotline at (518) 761-3857.