GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last year, area Andy O’Rourke founded a stage production theater company built around the mission of giving roles and opportunities to people like him – a disabled adult with a love for the stage. Just short of a year later, the mission is underway – but there’s always more to do in lifting up those who want to show what they’re capable of.

O’Rourke’s project is “All Abilities Productions,” a theater company for blooming performers with physical and mental disabilities. The company has been raising money since last summer for its planned first production. This month, the company has released a store, as a new way to gather further support.

All Abilities Productions’ logo can now be worn on T-shirts and sweaters, through the company’s new online store. All proceeds from garment sales go directly towards the company’s first season, including script and operational costs, and more.

“We are running this fundraiser to allow the community to work onstage or backstage in a theatrical production, regardless of their ability or disability,” wrote O’Rourke. “As with any endeavor, it takes capital. We hope this fundraiser will be successful and the monies raised will help with operational costs to launch future events and productions.”

The company’s set goal is to sell 50 items. As of midday Wednesday, 15 had been sold, and $150 raised.

The goal is to hold a debut show with a small cast of around six actors, and find the right venue to perform. Upon the announcement last year, the company launched a GoFundMe, which has raised $1,660 of its $5,000 goal as of Wednesday.