CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Another New York school district is moving away from a Native American mascot, after state mandate has districts reconsidering their identities. Corinth Central School District is donning a new icon, and taking to the skies.

At a school board meeting last month, the district announced that it would be donning the name and mascot of the Corinth River Hawks for mascot and sports team purposes. The district previously went by the Corinth Tomahawks.

“We’re just excited and proud that our entire community was involved in the decision-making process,” said Superintendent Mark Stratton. “I think the mascot perfectly embodies our geographical area as the gateway to the Adirondacks and along the Hudson River.”

Corinth CSD put out a survey in late January, asking students, residents and stakeholders for opinions on what kind of name would best represent the school district. The survey asked for applicants to suggest a new name to represent the district, and the final four choices were sent out across the student body. Corinth CSD intends to keep its current orange-and-black color scheme once the River Hawks identity is fully adopted.

The district is one of several around the North Country and Capital Region tackling the demand to change their school’s mascots after a memorandum last November from the New York State Department of Education, prohibiting the use of indigenous mascots. All school districts bearing Native American names and iconography must change those mascots and logos starting by July 1, 2023, and completed by June 2025. Glens Falls City School District recently completed a similar process, donning the new title of the Glens Falls Black Bears.