LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week, Warren County gathered together data from the 2020 United States census, to see what could be gleaned about the southern Adirondack region. The result: The county is getting older.

Census data shared by the county shows a median age of 47.5 among county residents, ranking the county in as the fourth-oldest in the state by median age. It’s actually a tie – Essex County came out with the exact same number. Hamilton, Columbia, and Delaware counties are all ranked higher.

For Warren County, that median age breaks down into a population consisting of 59% residents between the ages of 18 and 64, down from 62% in 2010. Similarly, the number of residents under 18 is 18%, down from 21%. Meanwhile, 23% of county residents are aged 65 and older, compared to 17% in 2010.

“In many municipalities, this disparity is much greater than the county’s average,” said Warren County GIS Administrator Sara Frankenfeld in a report on the county website. “For example, the town of Bolton has three times as many seniors as it does children, with over 30% of the population aged 65+ and only 10% under age 18. In Hague, Horicon, and Lake George, fewer than 15% of the population are children.”

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Warren County is unusual among upstate counties in that its population has grown in the last 20 years. Census data shows a starting point of 63,303 residents in 2000, which rises to 65,707 in 2010, and a small bump to 65,737 in 2020. The median household income has risen by several thousand dollars in the last decade, from $72,227 in 2010 to $81,066 in 2020.