QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – From the city of Glens Falls to communities in the lower Adirondack Park, Warren County is working on a plan for the future. This week, the county has announced Warren County 2040 – and the list of local leaders who hope to guide the set of North Country communities toward the future.

The plan is meant to serve as a roadmap for the future of the county. It will break down trends in demographics among those who live in and visit the region; look at where the county can do more to help individual communities; and look at how well-structured the county presently is for handling the demands of the terrain it covers. The county’s range of municipalities rely on a combination of tourism and community engagement, and county staff and local elected officials know they can’t get the job done alone.

“Input from the public and other stakeholders in the county is critical to the development of Warren County 2040,” said Warren County Planner Ethan Gaddy. “The consultant team and the Project Advisory Group will develop a robust public engagement plan to ensure that the public is involved and assisting us throughout the process.”

A Project Advisory Group has been constructed, comprised of representatives from county communities big and small. Members include Ryan Hutton and Craig Leggett, representing the town of Chester; Patrick Dowd and Connie Bosse, Glens Falls; Joshua Westfall and Tammy DeLorenzo, Bolton; Brady Stark and Paul Cummings, Queensbury; and Anna Bowers, North Creek. Molly McCarthy of Chester is also included as an alternate for Bowers.

To keep the community involved, the advisory group’s first meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 23, will be open to the public. Starting at 10 a.m. at Warren County Municipal Center, attendees are welcome, although public input is limited at the early stage.