LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Parents of North Colonie Central School students were recently told in a letter from their superintendent that elementary schools would move away from Halloween and costume parties during the school day. This announcement has caused confusion for some as posts appeared on social media claiming the holiday and its symbols were being banned.

Social media posts suggest some kids from the elementary schools told their parents that these changes were happening. Parents like Kevin Wells agreed with those complaining.

“I read some posts that [said] some of the North Colonie schools had removed books from the library that kids previously had access to that were about Halloween. They removed a bulletin board at the school that had pumpkins and gourds on it. They told the students they couldn’t wear any clothing with Halloween imagery,” explained Wells.

NEWS10’s James De La Fuente reached out to North Colonie Central and learned these books were not removed from Blue Creek Elementary. The change to neutral fall parties without costumes was described as a safety precaution. The New York State Education Department also shared that as a local control state, school districts have the power to make these choices individually.

NEWS10’s Anthony Krolikowski reached out to the Parent Teacher Associations at all six elementary schools in the North Colonie District. Only Loudonville Elementary responded to the email, saying they were not involved in the decision. “I think everybody should be involved as much as possible. There are meetings all the time, so there’s no reason to not have a meeting regarding this. Get everyone’s opinion and see what they think,” said Parent of a Senior at Shaker High, Alan McLain.

Along with these simpler celebrations, district elementary schools are offering “Trunk or Treat” events for their students only. “It’s safer. It is in a secured area. As long as the family is there, as long as the parents are with the kids it is safe,” described McLain.