NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) – Severe weather popping up throughout parts of the Capital Region. North Adams hit by both flooding and dime sized hail. NEWS10 has the latest on the damage caused by the storm.

“The catch basin is just what’s gotta be coming down here in horrendous amounts. Very fast and the catch basins just couldn’t keep up,” said the North Adams Dispatcher, James Burdick.

Burdick says the rain kept the city emergency services busy. “We had about 40 calls in an hour and a half for public service calls.”

Burdick says several roadways had to be shut down due to flooding and debris. While some trees came down, they did little damage to any homes.

“We had a section of Church Street closed and a section of Mansion Street closed, and a section of River Street,” said Burdick.

David Sacco, who lives on Bradford Street, heard the storm coming.

“All of a sudden, we were sitting in the house, and you could hear the noise changes from the rain fall to the hail,” said Sacco.

Sacco took the video in the story above of him sweeping up hail from the storm. Just hours later it was a completely different scene.

“It’s amazing the difference, in literally a couple hours. And it was amazing because before it was hot and sunshiny,” said Sacco.

You can see the size of the hail in this pile on his back deck. Sacco and his wife were working on the porch just before the storm and were able to capture the rain fall amount.

“Because my wife and I like to feed the hummingbirds, so we mix it up in that. So, I know that cup was empty when it started because that fills up both feeders. So, what you see is what came today,” said Sacco.