COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local Denny’s is getting a heaping helping of attention, but it’s not for what’s on the menu. It’s for a brawl that broke out inside over the weekend.

It was a Grand Slam breakfast served with a side order of “oh no baby.”

The voice behind the video belongs to comedian Nicholas Joseph, also known as Nick Nack Paddy Whack.

The online star was best known for faking a break-in at his friend, NBA star Anthony Davis’s, home.

But it’s video of a fight at Denny’s in Colonie that has his star status rising.

Nick’s manager Braxton Murray said Nick and sidekick DanRue had finished hosting a fashion show at Sage College. They decided to grab a bite at the Colonie Denny’s before their flight took off.

But that’s when they witnessed the fight break out. Plates went flying, and it all ended with one woman pinned down being pummeled.

Nick offered his own commentary with his signature tag lines.

Braxton says the fight started when a male customer disrespected a female customer. Punches start flying and things get worse when a friend of the man’s stepped in.

“People want to know why you didn’t come to their defense. We are from New Orleans,” Braxton said.

“Whenever you try to get involved with some business with a large group that doesn’t concern you, it usually tends to seem that the large group turns against you,” he continued. “What we wanted to do was gather all the proof in case there were any misconceptions or any foul play involved in this incident.”

Nick posted the video on his Facebook page, and it’s making headlines across the globe. It has been viewed more than four million times.

“We really didn’t intent on that to happen,” Braxton said. “We were at the right place at the right time but for the wrong things.”

Braxton says he did see two Denny’s security guards doing their best to diffuse the situation.

When NEWS10 ABC went to the Denny’s to get their comment, the company said “we can’t have this here” and were quickly turned away.

Denny’s released the following statement to NEWS10 ABC on Tuesday:

“We are deeply disappointed about the situation that took place between guests at our restaurant in Colonie, NY.  At Denny’s, the safety of our guests and employees is very important to us and we do not tolerate or condone violence of any kind in our restaurants. We are pleased our team members took quick action to enlist the assistance of the local police.”

Amazingly, no one was arrested. Colonie police said everyone refused to press charges, including Denny’s.

Braxton said they never got a chance to eat their breakfast.