NEWS10 ABC’s Anya Tucker digs for answers in alleged UAlbany racial attack

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many people have been asking NEWS10 ABC what’s going on with the case involving three female UAlbany students who claimed to have been the victims of a racial attack.

NEWS10 ABC reporter Anya Tucker has called on the case nearly every day to determine when video footage that captured the incident from inside and outside of the bus will become available to the public. She was also told that much of what can be seen on the video damages the young women’s claims.

Here’s a message from Anya she posted on her Facebook page:Here’s what she’s been told:“Many people have been asking me what’s going on with the case of the 3 female UAlbany students who claimed to have been the victims of a racial attack. I want to assure you that I have been calling on this nearly every day because I believe the public and UAlbany students have a right to see the bus video– which I have been told debunks the young womens claims. Here’s what I’ve been told: Since the days after the alleged attack the Albany County DA’s office tells me they have been working on gathering video from outside and inside the bus, as well as from cellphones and UAlbany security cameras as the bus made its way onto campus. The attempt here, I’m told, is to provide a full perspective of what happened and what may have been said. I’ve already been told by law enforcement sources who have watched the video from outside and inside the bus that morning, that it was in fact one of the 3 black female students who threw the first punch on that early morning bus ride returning from the Albany bar scene. And, that at no time was a racial slur used by any of the white bus riders. This goes against what was claimed by the 3 young woman who said that this was a racially motivated attack. The DA’s office tells me they will release the video when the investigation is complete. I’ve been told this may take another week or even more. I feel we ALL need to see this video to judge for ourselves–especially after all the passionate cries for justice on both sides. However, I’m not really sure that the release of the video will do much to satisfy those who have such strong and deep seated beliefs and emotions regarding race, the truth and justice.”

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