NEW YORK CITY — The State Legislature voted Wednesday, September 1 to extend an eviction moratorium for tenants who fell behind on their rent because of hardships caused by the COVID pandemic.

The moratorium will be extended until Jan. 15, 2022, according to Senate Democrats. They will also add hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to get the word out about the rental assistance program and payout claims. Plus there will be $25 million to help people fight back against evictions.

Hochul said the legislation will stand up to legal scrutiny. But the leader of the Rent Stabilization Association, the largest organization of landlords in New York, vowed Wednesday, September 1 to sue to block the moratorium in federal court.

The Supreme Court ruled a few weeks ago New York must give landlords due process rights to remove tenants who have not experienced hardship.

The new moratorium aims to allow landlords to fight back against bad actors in court. They can challenge tenants claims that they are experiencing hardship during the pandemic. Landlords may also demand courts remove tenants who damage property or become a nuisance to other residents on the property.