ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – What do our local state lawmakers think of the potential budget deal?  NEWS10 has their reaction. 

Nearly 30 days behind schedule, lawmakers and the governor finally have a deal on the budget. 

Both sides of the political aisle are chiming in tonight. Democrats finding a lot to like.

“It’s a budget that works for all New Yorkers. No tax increases. But it the same token trying to really address the issues that families have been concerned about,” said NY Assemblymember John McDonald.

While republicans are saying, let’s slow down the process, and take a moment to see what’s actually in the budget.

“Let’s not use messages of necessity. We’re already close to five weeks late now. Gives the three days to any extender where there are billions of dollars to review,” said NY Senator Jim Tedisco.

As this budget is still only conceptual, the bills included still need to be passed by state legislators in the coming days.