ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services recently released new minimum standards for concealed carry firearm safety training.

After September 1st, an applicant must undergo 16 hours of in-person training. Kevin Dix, a firearms instructor in Central New York, shared his thoughts about the new standards increasing the amount of course time required.

“I believe that a course should be a state mandate,” stated Dix. “Now mandating this as a 16-hour course I think is ridiculous. As I say, I do a 4-hour course and in that 4-hour course, I cover everything that they want in that 16-hour course, except for the shooting of the gun.”

The standards require that people are taught how to safely store and carry their firearms, conflict de-escalation, suicide prevention, and use of deadly force.

A written proficiency test with a person getting at least 80% of the questions correct is also required. Live firearm training now must also be taught and each student must successfully complete a live-fire assessment.

The live-fire assessment is something Dix said he personally thinks is unnecessary.

“That is a responsibility of the pistol permit holders once they buy a gun, to go out and obtain that kind of training or to train themselves to be proficient with a firearm,” said Dix.

At her press conference on Friday, Governor Hochul was asked about concealed carry.

“I want to make sure that they are trained,” said Hochul. “I want to make sure that that they have experience on a firing range. I want to make sure there are restrictions on where they can carry them. As well as how they carry them.”

She said a press conference will be held on Aug. 31, the day before the concealed carry changes go into effect. An advertising campaign will be launched so that gun owners and the general public are aware of these changes.