ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — The Cannabis Control Board has approved new measures aimed at keeping legal adult-use marijuana out of the hands of children. With the approval of cannabis cultivation licenses on the rise, the office is focusing on making sure kids don’t have access to the drug. 

Legal marijuana will be required to have child resistant packaging and labeling that says the product contains cannabis with THC. Tiffany Walters, CEO of Cannabis Connect, says the packaging will have to be plain.

“None of the stuff that we’re seeing now with cartoons and bright colors. It’s going to have to have that white background with black print with the universal symbol on there stating that it’s for 21 years of older,” said Walters.

And when it comes to advertising, the industry can only advertise in areas where 90% of the audience is 21 or older. 

“The Office of Cannabis Management was trying to advertise their educational content and got blocked on TikTok because they don’t allow the use of the word ‘cannabis’ and they stated that 75% of their viewership is between 18 and 35,” explained Walters.

She says this regulation differs from California’s, where 71.6% of the marketing audience has to be 21 or older. And in New York, cannabis billboard advertisements are not allowed. 

Board member, Jen Metzger says the rate of plastic products worldwide doubles every 15 years which is largely a result of packaging. One of their goals is to limit that.

“The proposed regulations are intended to encourage use of materials other than single use plastics, but if plastics are used they would need to have a minimum post consumer content of 25%,” Metzger said during the boards meeting.

There is a 60 day public comment period to give feedback on these regulations. You can visit the Office of Cannabis Management website to see those details.