PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — Netflix is relaunching the classic docuseries “Unsolved Mysteries” on July 1, premiering with an episode titled, “Berkshires UFO.” The otherworldly first episode kicks off a six-episode summer miniseries, to be followed by six more spooky episodes in October.

“Berkshires UFO” will recount the story of an unidentified flying object seen in September 1969 in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

“In that incident, it is reported that Thom Reed, his brother, mother, and grandmother were mysteriously taken from their car by a UFO.”

Ann-Marie Harris
Acting Supervisor, Local History and Genealogy Department
the Berkshire Athenaeum

The Great Barrington Historical Society has described the 1969 encounter as “historically significant and true.”

The lead episode spotlights the Berkshires, with footage from the Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield’s public library, which cultivates a strong local history focus. The episode was partially filmed in the Local History Department of the library in 2019.

The original version of the show depicted real-life mysteries—unsolved crimes, missing persons cases, conspiracy theories, and urban legends—often with unique or peculiar reenactments. Common segments on the 1987 show covered secret historical events, ghost sightings, alien abductions, and UFOs.