ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The November general election is just days away and News10 is speaking with the local candidates for Congress and the state legislature.

Democrat Neil Breslin is trying to get re-elected in a different district. The democrat had represented the 44th district for years but because of redistricting, he is now in the 46th district and is running against republican Rich Amedure.

The economy and crime are at the top of his priorities. Breslin believes in the original purpose of bail reform but now agrees changes need to be made. He is calling for an enhanced review process for bail.

“So that people who are in that position and then are kept behind bars just because they don’t have any money,” Breslin said. He adds, “which means that we could make bail, walk away, come back in a suit to a return date and not be coming into the court in shackles.”

When it comes to make changes to bail reform, Breslin said, “I think there’s some room to grow and we have to make sure the ones we’re keeping are the ones that have committed violent crimes, serious crimes.”

Breslin sat down with News10 to discuss the issues facing the 46th district.