GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Neighbors who live off of Western Avenue in Guilderland want to protect their neighborhood from further development.

They say they are against the Costco project that has been proposed by Pyramid, and that a lawsuit has been filed against the Town of Guilderland and the Town Planning Board. 

Thomas Hart lives in Guilderland, and said he is not in favor of the Costco project Pyramid has proposed to build in the area of Western Avenue and Rapp Road.

Not only is he worried about an increase in traffic and noise, but what could become of his neighborhood in the future—seeing as though just down the road, a nearby housing development off of Western Avenue is now full of zombie homes.

“We are afraid of the ghost town that Pyramid created over there, even though Costco was not apart of that as far as we know,” explained Hart. “But Pyramid had created that ghost town for future development.”

Hart, as well as other neighbors, are now suing the Guilderland and the town planning board.

The proposed projects have already sparked controversy amongst environmental activist, since the proposed building sites are technically located within the unique Pine Bush ecosystem.

However, the proposed sites have already been developed previously. NEWS10 reached out to Guilderland Town Supervisor Peter Barber about where the Costco project currently stands.

“The Costco was a part of a comprehensive state and environmental quality review which was concluded about a month or so ago,” stated Barber. “So it’s my understanding that the application is going to be back before the town planning board for a site plan review and then on to the zoning board for a special use permit review.”

Barber said another meeting regarding the project could happen by the end of the year.