NEW YORK (WWTI) — Across the country, many are reacting to the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan as its government recently fell to Taliban forces.

In an exclusive airing on August 16, Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander spoke with the Navy Seal credited with killing Osama bin Laden, Robert O’Neill. In their interview, O’Neil reacted to Afghanistan’s recent fall to the Taliban.

O’Neill first told Inside Edition that the fallout was no surprise to him.

“The Taliban always told us, and I knew this when I first got to Afghanistan, they said, ‘You have the clocks, and we have the time,’” O’Neill said in his interview. “They knew they were going to win, and they did.”

However, O’Neill shared that he felt America’s role in Afghanistan should have been put to rest years ago. He said the fault doesn’t lie with any single president.

“This is not President Biden’s fault, this is not President Trump’s fault, this is not President Obama’s fault, [or] President Bush. It doesn’t matter how we got here. We’re just here. We should’ve left a long time ago,” O’Neill stated.

O’Neill continued on to explain how this conflict can end quickly, depending on how it is handled.

“We should go in, hit them hard, then break stuff, point them in the face, say, ‘Don’t do it again, then leave,” he told Inside Edition. “It’s not complex. When the bad guy shows up, you kill them and when they have had enough, you stop. And if they start again, you kill them and then you stop. We make it a lot more complex than it needs to.”

O’Neill also expressed how he thinks the way the United States handled the current situation in Afghanistan will be looked upon as a major “historic blunder.”

“This will go down in history as a lot worse than the fall of Saigon,” he exclusively told Inside Edition. “Part of me doesn’t blame them because when the Taliban shows up, you are not going to be lucky enough for them just to kill you, they are going to torture your whole family in front of you. They’re going to kill everyone you know.”

The full report and interview with Navy Seal Robert O’Neill can be found on Inside Edition’s website. The exclusive interview aired on August 16.