(WYTV/NEXSTAR) — Many debate whether the toilet paper should be hung overhand or underhand, but have they stuffed their Frigidaires with Charmin? Toilet paper in the fridge is the TikTok “hack” you never saw coming.

It may sound like some silly new TikTok trick but the idea actually first appeared in 2015. Now, it’s popping up on social media again. Followers of the trend claim a roll of toilet paper will absorb smelly odors inside fridges. It’s meant to work the same way as using an open box of baking soda for fridge smells.

“Put a toilet paper in your fridge in a corner where it fits and then just leave it there,” said TikToker SmartFoxLifeHacks. “It is important that you replace the roll about every three weeks. For reasons of hygiene, you should also only put a roll in your fridge straight from the packaging and not put it near your toilet!”

Does it work? Somewhat, but only temporarily. The tried-and-true baking soda method remains the number one solution for most households, and it’s much cheaper than toilet paper. The LA Times one reported, “More refrigerators are likely to have baking soda than working light bulbs.”

Because there’s no end to the amount of “hacks” you can find on TikTok, another video recommends adding a baking soda-water mixture onto a toilet roll and then putting it in your fridge. Sounds messy.

Regardless of how you use baking soda, be aware: after deodorizing a fridge with baking soda, don’t use the contents for baking—it’s contaminated. Other things that work include activated charcoal and vanilla extract. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla and place it in the refrigerator—it’ll smell like a bakery. Some refrigerators today also have ultraviolet light filters to handle odors. One more suggestion: crumpled newspaper and crushed charcoal. You’ll have to replace the newspaper every day for about a week.