ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The holiday season brings together family, friends and of course food. Crestline surveyed 2,100 Americans to determine the most and least popular Christmas foods.

Starting off strong, the survey concludes the most popular food in the U.S. is roasted potatoes with 91% of Americans voting for the tasty dish. Following roasted potatoes are scalloped potatoes with 83%. It’s no secret the U.S is a fan of potato dishes with mashed potatoes being the number one Thanksgiving food. Finishing off the list we have roast beef (77%), red velvet cake (76%), ham (76%) and Christmas nuts (76%).

New York takes a step off the top six list with its most popular Christmas dish being pigs in a blanket. Massachusetts favors Lamb while opposite coast states California and Oregon vote for brie.

You can’t have favorites without the least favorites. Crestline explains persimmon pudding, fruitcake, goose, duck, and lamb fill the list of least popular Christmas foods in America. The survey was also able to discover the most popular Christmas cookies finding chocolate chip as number one with sugar cookies as the runner-up.