Robocallers will soon be asking “Can you hear me now?” when trying to reach Verizon customers.

The largest wireless provider in the country released a new tool aimed at filtering those annoying automated calls.

The free service will display a scam alert on a smartphone’s screen to notify customers the call is likely coming from a fraudulent source.

Some calls will be blocked and not received by your phone at all.

Verizon officials say more than 300 million span and robocall numbers have been collected so far, but robocall services often use fake numbers so the list is constantly growing.

Verizon announced the features two months ago and is expected to have more information about how to get and use the app by the end of this week, according to Forbes.

Landline phones will also have access to the protection service through Caller ID.

Verizon says that feature flagged nearly 1 billion scam and robocalls since launching last year.

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