Teachers shot with pellets during drill


During a recent active shooter drill in one Indiana school, law enforcement used some sort of projectile to shoot at teachers ‘execution style.’

According to the Indiana State Teachers Association, several teachers were left frightened and hurt with welts, and even bloody.

“It saddens me that we live in a day and age when you have to have this sort of training in the schools, to begin with,” Dan Holub, Indiana State Teacher’s Association Executive Director, said.

Teachers have all kinds of training they go through these days to help protect our schools and their most important assets — the students.

As more and more go through active shooter training, Dan Holler and the state’s teachers association wants to make sure one thing doesn’t happen– teachers being shot at.

“The teachers are there they don’t know this is coming and all of a sudden they’re being asked to turn around and they’re shot at. It’s just craziness,” Holub said.

That’s what they say happened earlier this year at a school in the Twin Lakes School Corporation in White County.

The White County Sheriff’s Office led a drill where deputies shot teachers with airsoft guns and some teachers said the pellets actually injured them.

“And so this is just that extreme situation where people are actually, you know, being injured bodily because of the responsibilities that they now have in our school systems. It’s tragic.”

The school district put out a statement saying it will continue to work with the White County Sheriff’s Office and has already spoken with the sheriff’s department about how it will conduct future drills.

The sheriff told the Indy Star he will no longer be using airsoft guns in these drills.

“It is pretty pretty extraordinary in my view,” Holub said.

The Indiana Teachers Association is taking it a step further asking that lawmakers make sure this type of training isn’t used in any district in the state.

“That would prohibit as part of active shooter training that teachers and other school staff are you know shot with plastic bullets or whatever.”

Holub said the Indiana State Teachers Association has not heard an explanation from law enforcement as to why this method was used.

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