LOS ANGELES (NewsNation) — You’ve probably heard about the chip shortage and higher prices for cars and electronics. But now, supply chain issues are impacting all sorts of common and unusual goods from window treatments to buttons, zippers, and cans.

“It’s just been one thing after another,” said Larry Kerperine, a bar owner. “Whether it’s furniture, electronics for automobiles, and now glass bottles.”

Supply chain experts believe the global system will remain disrupted for at least another year, so consumers should expect higher prices and shortages to drag on. A global aluminum shortage has also impacted the production of cans, for example. Homebuilders are also feeling the impact, with the list of endangered items including heater coils, switch plate covers, and paint, among others.

“I’ve noticed there’s a lot of shortage in meat products, specifically things like turkey and chicken, which we eat a lot of in our house,” said Tara Miller, a shopper.

There is also less inventory of paper products due to a big lumber shortage and a doubling in the price of wood pulp. The paper shortage is also impacting the availability and cost of wedding invitations, as well as holiday cards.

“They can’t get zippers for tents,” said Wes Gibson, managing partner with Gibson Consulting. “Thousands of tents, ready to be shipped, lot of orders for them because of people camping and getting outdoors because of COVID, and they can’t finish them.”

“I have clients literally scouring the world for rubber for tires, cotton for fabric to make clothing. Pick a category,” said Gibson. “Other than maybe pharmaceuticals, almost every other industry is impacted.”

Gibson said supply issues have even trickled down to a shortage of twist ties for bagging bread.

“We can’t really guarantee prices longer than 60 to 90 days because of the increases in all the different prices that have been going on over the year,” said business owner Nick Beno, a business owner.