CHICHAGO (NEWS10) – A study by Blue Cross Blue Shield found that millennials are less healthy than Generation X were at the same age.

According to the study, the biggest health differences between the two generations was the higher impact of physical conditions driven by increased cardiovascular and endocrine conditions, including diabetes.

The health insurer also found that a third of millennials do not have a primary care physician and are less likely to see preventative care on a regular basis.

“Based on these findings, we’re seeing that millennials are not seeking preventative care and it’s not only having an effect on their immediate health, but will significantly impact their long-term health as well,” said Vincent Nelson, MD, vice president, Medical Affairs for BCBSA. “With millennials on track to become the largest generation in the near future, it’s critical that they’re taking their health maintenance seriously.”

The health of millennials also varied by geographic location. The study found that millennials in southern states are least healthy while millennials in western states are the healthiest.

The following map shows which states have the most and least healthy millennials. For the study, Blue Cross Blue Shield assigned U.S. populations a score between 0 and 100. A score of 100 represents optional health. The higher the score, the closer a population is to achieving optimal health.

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The findings were based off a study of millennials who were between the ages of 34 and 36 in 2017 and Gen Xers who were 34 to 36 in 2014.