ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — While Valentine’s Day gifts come in many shapes and sizes, an always-popular way to say “be mine” is with a dozen red roses. To show how much people across the country could expect to spend on a bouquet, personal finance site FinanceBuzz researched the cost of a dozen roses in every state.

According to the study, the average price for a dozen roses in the United States is $80.16. The Empire State hovers closer to that number than its neighbors, with a bouquet setting back your average New Yorker $78.33.

Meanwhile, Vermont was among the states where a dozen roses cost the most, per the study. There, the thorned beauties are typically priced at $88.

Hawaii was dubbed the most expensive state for roses, with a bouquet costing more than $108 on average—35% more than the national standard. That total is also nearly $15 more expensive than any other state.

The rest of the top five most-expensive states were out west. Nevada was the state where roses are the second most expensive, at $93.98 per dozen on average. Montana has the third-most expensive, at $92 per dozen.

On the flip side, Pennsylvanians have it good—the Keystone State is the most affordable in the nation for the flowers, researchers said. A bouquet there costs just $66.15 on average.

Not far behind is Massachusetts, where roses cost $66.30 per dozen. Alaska, Nebraska, and Oklahoma are the only other states where sending your sweetheart a dozen roses will cost less than $70 on average.

Here is the full ranking, provided by FinanceBuzz: