Shocking number of parents say they regret baby name choice


Do you secretly regret picking the name you gave your child? It turns out that you’re not alone. A new study shows that one in seven moms and dads think they’ve made a “terrible mistake” picking their baby’s name. But it’s too late now!

A study of 2000 parents conducted by Channel Mum found that one in five parents began to dislike their name choice after the name spiked in popularity. One in 10 parents were annoyed by a celebrity choosing the same name for their children.

Parents, the study seems to show, try their hardest to find a unique and original name for their child. When it turns out that dozens and hundreds of other Bears and Harpers and Shilohs exist out in the world, parents find themselves frustrated and regretting their pick.

The study says that more than a quarter of disappointed parents have even told their kids they regret picking their name. One in 20 parents has tried to call their child something entirely different, and 14% of parents have considered legally changing their child’s name.

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