(KARK) — Calling all astronomy enthusiasts! The end of March will be a great time to planet gaze. Five planets will be visible on March 28: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Uranus.

Venus will be one of the easier ones to see. It will be the biggest, clearest planet in the sky. Look to the west to see it after sunset. Mars will also be easier to identify. It will appear red and bright, high in the southwest sky.

By the end of March, 5 planets will be visible in the sky.
The planets Venus, bottom, and Jupiter, top, light the sky above Matthews, N.C., Monday, June 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Jupiter, the second-brightest planet (next to Venus), won’t be as easy to spot. Jupiter was high in the sky earlier this month, but has been slowly descending. To view it, you’ll need to have a clear and obstruction-free view of the western horizon. Mercury will also be close to Jupiter. It is set to make its pass of Jupiter on March 27.

Uranus might be the most difficult to identify without a telescope or binoculars. It will appear faint, looking very similar to a star.