An Indiana school bus driver is under arrest after being accused of letting students take the wheel.

Everyone made it home safely that night but the driver is now charged with a felony.

“It’s all good, it’s all good. I’m letting her stop at Michael’s stop,” Joandrea McAtee, the bus driver, said.

It’s the alarming video that cost this bus driver her job.

“Don’t y’all tell no other adults about this.”     

A child, behind the wheel of a school bus, the other students onboard capturing the wild ride 

Police say McAtee, 27, allowed three students – ages 11, 13, and 17– to take turns driving her bus for short stretches in rural Indiana on the way home from school.                            

“First, what you got to do, put your foot on the brake. There you go.”  

Authorities say a parent contacted the school resource officer, triggering an investigation.               

McAtee was arrested when she showed up to the Porter Township School bus barn to pick up her check. Police charged her with felony neglect of a dependent.                    

The school says in a statement, “The Porter Township School Corporation is angered and disappointed in the actions of this driver.  The safety of our students is a top priority.”                   

The bus company, First Student, also released a statement saying, “Behavior such as this is completely unacceptable and totally at odds with what we stand for as a company. The driver has been terminated.”

Police say no students were injured and the driver could be facing jail time.