RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — John Szczecina, the manager of a California gas station, was fired days after the station sold gas for 69 cents a gallon for several hours. Paula Jackson, his sister, told NEWS10’s affiliate station KTXL that he was changing the cost of gas too quickly when he made a huge mistake.

The price was said to have been caused by a “technical error.” Jackson said Szczecina was districted by a coworker clocking in, and instead of setting price to $6.99, he erroneously made it 69 cents. Patrons flocked to the Shell gas station to swoop up the cheap gas for hours.

Jackson said Szczecina was given a notice of termination on Monday. A GoFundMe she set up by to help her brother said the error lost gas station about $20,000. As of Thursday morning, over $14,000 was raised. The family worries that Szczecina could possibility be sued, so he is trying to repay the gas station for its losses.

The national average for a gallon of gas hit an all-time record last week at $5 per gallon. As of Wednesday, AAA is reported that the national average clocked in at $5.01.