(KSNF/KODE) — An airline passenger found himself waiting in the wings, watching his wallet travel after he accidentally left it on a plane last month. Lewis said he was able to watch the AirTag travel to 35 cities, presumably aboard the same plane.

In a video posted on Twitter, John Lewis said he simply forgot his wallet on an American Airlines aircraft after landing in Fort Lauderdale. Lewis explained that he didn’t realize he had left his wallet behind until he went to try and rent a car.

“The crazy part is that I have called and contacted American Airlines and they say they can’t find my wallet,” he said in the January 28 video. “The crazier part is that I do have the Air Tag on my wallet, so I’m able to trace my wallet and it’s still on the plane.”

An Apple AirTag (Getty Images)

With AirTag, users can see the location of their items through “Find My Network,” which uses the Apple devices connected around the accessory to share their location with the AirTag owner.

The small, round device can be very useful for traveling. Since their release in 2021, several stories have surfaced about how they’ve been used to track down lost luggage. In one instance, a woman was able to track her lost luggage to a random apartment complex in Washington, D.C. An airline employee in Florida was arrested and accused of stealing over $16,000 worth of luggage thanks to an AirTag. AirTags have also, unfortunately, been used by some to allegedly stalk people.

In a January 30 update posted on Instagram, Lewis said that American Airlines employees found the AirTag, but not the wallet. Lewis said he was told the AirTag was “buried under the seat.” He said, “Now it’s time to cancel all my cards and get some new IDs.”