HONOLULU (KHON) – A family was heading for Chinamanʻs Hat island off of Oahu, Hawaii, when they saw what they thought was a log in the water.

That’s what June Mellor’s family thought until it moved. Then they thought it was a dog. But when they got closer, they realized it was a boar. They shot video of it as they circled.

“And then we saw it moving and we thought, ‘Goodness, that can’t be a dog, is it?’ And we get closer because obviously it’s a living thing and we realize it’s not a dog. It’s a little piggy,” explained Mellor. “We were just baffled looking around thinking, ‘Where did you come from? How did you get out here?'”

It was a logical question because they were probably about two miles offshore.

It took them about 40 to 45 minutes to rescue the pig as they continued circling around it.

“Finally, my son was able to get a rope around her torso and we pulled her in,” she said.

June said the family continued to a sandbar and hung out with the pig for the next two hours.

The family tried to hydrate the boar, which they named Miracle, but it was only interested in sleep.

After they returned to land, they drove the pig into a wild area of Kaneohe to set it free. Miracle perked up once its feet touched the grass.

“She sniffed the ground and leaves … wiggled her tail, then disappeared into the wilderness,” said Mellor.

The family is unsure how the pig ended up in the ocean, but they are glad they found her.