High school sets dress code for parents on campus


HOUSTON (CNN) – Dress codes for students are expected but one high school in Houston has set a dress code for parents!

The new parent dress code states parents cannot come on campus if they are wearing hair curlers, shower caps, pajamas, or certain styles of shorts or leggings.

Some parents say they’re insulted.

Rosemary Young says she had to rush to the school for an emergency after her son broke his arm. Young was wearing a satin cap at the time, something that would not be appropriate.

“So it doesn’t matter how a parent should come. If we come here belligerent, out of control, things of that nature– that’s what you have the police for. But what I wear should never be an issue. I’m not revealing, I’m not doing anything, I don’t have any weapons.”

Some parents say they feel there are some racial undertones in the new rules.

The school says the dress code is all about helping students — by keeping the atmosphere dignified and free of distractions.

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