ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Are you satisfied with your life? Most of us are always looking for the next best thing, whether it’s our job, a partner, trendy clothes, or a vacation. Is there a point in our lives when we stop looking where the grass is greener?

Mixbook conducted a study asking these same questions. Mixbook wanted to understand when the average American believed they had attained peak life satisfaction. Mixbook surveyed 3,442 respondents over 65 and older. When looking at the results, New York has a peak life satisfaction of 47 years old. The national average age of peak life satisfaction is 44. Looking at the varying data, Maryland reaches the peak life satisfaction at 37 whereas Vermont takes its time settling at 63.

The Mixbook survey also found that more than half of respondents felt the pandemic increased their satisfaction with life. The pandemic certainly gave us plenty of time to think about what’s truly important. Mixbook also asked in what aspect of respondents’ lives are they the happiest with to which the majority responded the relationships they’ve built with the people in their lives.