ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This summer, Coors Light will become the official beer of everything unofficial, and the brand is kicking off by signaling the start of jorts season. Officially, summer begins on June 21, but unofficially, it’s summer as soon as it’s warm enough to wear jorts.

From May 19 to May 22, Coors Light is hosting “Jorts Your Jeans” events at nearly 90 bars in cities nationwide where they will help Coors Light lovers turn their long, sweaty jeans into bedazzled daisy dukes or simple denim shorts. At the pop-ups, use a measuring tape and chalk to mark the desired length. After cutting the jeans into jorts, consumers can decorate their jorts with bedazzling gems, Coors Light patches, or by painting the Rocky Mountains.

Coors Light will be hosting a premiere pop-up event in New York City at Tailor Public House on Friday, May 20, from 6 to 8 p.m. with tailors on-site. Additional New York City events are happening at Iggy’s Karaoke Bar and Gramercy Ale House.

“The best moments of summer are the unofficial ones, like the moment you can retire your hot winter clothes and don a pair of jorts,” said Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “Coors Light is excited to bring this moment to bars across America and we can’t wait to see everyone rocking jorts this summer.”

To find a “Jorts Your Jeans” event near you, check out the unofficial Jorts season website. Then, rejoice that you have found your opportunity at creating the only wardrobe staple you need for summer.