ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In celebration of National American Beer Day on October 27, Coors Light announces a nationwide contest for the person that “chills the hardest.” The “Chill Harder Champ” has a chance to win $50,000.

To win the title of “Chill Harder Champ,” Coors Light is asking drinkers to recreate the Coors Light Chill Harder Logo but “carving” it into their lives. Coors Light gives examples from of carving the logo into a pumpkin to mowing it into a cornfield. After you’ve chosen your desired carving, post a photo of it on social media tagging @CoorsLight with #ChillHarder and #Contest to enter.

Coors Light explains the bigger the logo the bigger the prize. To be considered for the “Chill Harder Champ” title and get the $50,000 along with your work featured on a billboard in their hometown you need to craft a logo that spans 100in to 20 feet. If you’re not looking to go that big, good news Coors Light is also awarding more the 5,000 drinkers across the county for smaller logos. The contest will run from now until December 10.

  • For small entries (6–30 inches) 5,000 people could earn $10.
  • For medium entries (50–90 inches), 100 fans could get $500.
  • To qualify for the title, billboard and $50,000, show your serious skills by crafting a logo that spans 100 inches to 20 feet.

Check out the Coors Light website for more information and example of carvings. Best of luck to all you chill drinkers!