Ball pits filled with infection-causing germs, study says

(KRON) - Yes, parents, those ball pits are as filthy as you imagined, a new study shows.

According to research published in the American Journal of Infection Control, ball pits are indeed filled with infection-causing germs that could make your kiddos sick.

In the study, researchers randomly pulled 8 to 15 balls from a total of 6 ball pits at both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy clinics.
Bacteria was discovered on each of the balls, according to the study.

Researchers said some of the bacteria found can cause meningitis, urinary tract infections, sepsis, and pneumonia.

The study further claimed that clinics can go "days or even weeks between cleanings, which may allow time for microorganisms to accumulate and grow to levels capable of transmission and infection.

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