An 11-year-old attempts A Christmas Story prank


An 11-year-old who tried to bring that notorious scene from the holiday classic A Christmas Story to life wanted to see if his tongue would really get stuck to a pole.

One of the most classic Christmas movie moments coming to life when a boy in Illinois tries to recreate this infamous playground stunt.

Spencer Cline watched the iconic flick and was tempted to try out the trick with a friend. The outcome was just what you’d expect.

“I did it and he thought that my tongue wasn’t actually stuck to the pole and he couldn’t hear me. Because my tongue was stuck to the pole and so he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say.”

That’s when his friend leaped into action-searching for water and calling for help. He rushed to a nearby neighbor where she called 911.

After six excruciating minutes the middle schooler managing to free himself before paramedics arrived.

“It would really hurt and I would never do it again.”

Spencer also says that his grandparent’s dog is named Ralphie.

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