CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday is National Paranormal Day, a day when people who believe in the paranormal get together and share their stories.

Paranormal is a term used to describe occurrences that can’t be explained by ordinary scientific measures, they are outside the norm.

In recent days, there has been much talk about a possible paranormal activity after the odd picture that surfaced of a girl playing in a wooded area near Cambridge.

The foggy image of a little girl displays her running through the forest. But, there’s only one frame of the shot to evaluate.

The image was taken from a trail camera off of Route 74 and it has paranormal experts interested in coming out to the Cambridge area to verify if there was in fact a manifestation.

People that live in the area say legend has it; a little girl was hit and killed on the train tracks that used to run through the area, so maybe there could be some sort of apparition in these woods.

Local paranormal experts have a lot of questions that could help us come to a conclusion, such as:

  • What neighborhood kids are around?
  • Do the people that own the property have kids?
  • What time of day was the camera set up?
  • Can we look through it to see what’s going on and do some research on the area?

Cambridge Police have received many calls about the photo of the girl, but there are no solid answers on exactly where the picture came from. But, as expected on National Paranormal Day, the possibility of it being a spirit still remains.